Short Fiction


The Nature of Broken Things

An Ocean Refuses No River

Walking and Falling at the Same Time

Still Life With Epiphany

Law of Attraction

An Inelegant Autumn

The Sleep Thief

Story Box

Let’s Start With the Dog

Concrete Broke Your Fall

The Mouth of God

Andante, Andante

The Smell of Sunday

The Ghost of Jealousy

Piss and Vinegar

The Infinite Complexities of Love

The Thinning

Rise and Fall Like Water

Imperfect Lines

The Price of a Memory

A Day’s Worth of Sky

The Red Shift

The Queen of Red Courage

The Boy Who Would Be Dog

The Present


Mailbox Assassin



The Romance of Solitude

A Booth in the Back in the Corner in the Dark

Barking Down the Moon

The Maze of Her Imagination

Dark Things

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