About the Author

“We are not just animals that use language: we are storytelling creatures, for telling stories is a fundamental activity of all people in all cultures.”

~ David Loy

Christian Marcus Lyons is an award-winning writer of novel-length fiction, short fiction,10698421_10152730082306763_4138331598384914988_n creative non-fiction, screenplay, and poetry. He has worked as professional editor for the International Freelance Writers Organization in Quebec, Canada, and Education Editor for The Good Men Project. Christian’s online work earns more than 150,000 views per month.

Christian’s screenplays have been considered by some of the thoroughbreds in the film industry (James Cameron, Barry Sonnenfeld, Jim Carrey, Ryan Reynolds, James Franco).

His writing has appeared in The Bark magazine, New York Magazine, Over the Edge, Babel, Straylight Magazine, in the fiction anthologies Pull the Trigger and Darker Times Volume 7, in the poetry chapbook, Time and Tide, and in the non-fiction anthology, Aging: An Apprenticeship. 

Christian writes for public radio programs nationally, documentaries, and produces/curates music on Mixcloud.

He is a member of the national Non-Fiction Authors Association and the Motown Writers Network.  He works as an administrative and legal specialist for a real estate non-profit in the central Colorado mountains, where he also resides with his three canine companions. He holds a Bachelor of Art degree in Marketing and Communications and earned his  Master of Fine Art degree in Creative Writing.

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