I yearn to write full time.  I long to withdraw from the world at large and focus on writing as much as possible.  I look at photos that depict beautiful cottages in a stunning countryside setting and wish for such surroundings.  I feel, more and more each day, that my being so much in the world is detracting from my passion and my joy.  It’s not that I don’t like people…I do.  But the daily interactions often become distractions that frustrate me, if only because I know I could be writing instead.  

I wouldn’t survive if the rest of my life was lived reclusively, I understand that.  I do need that interaction.  But the distraction of having to work an external job to pay rent and bills really irritates me.  Or if not working, then looking for work.  I dream of the day when I support myself 100% off my writing.  


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