Learning To Handle Rejection

Nobody ever said writing was easy.  It’s a series of highs followed by another series of lows.  Each of us has things that creates those ups and downs for us.  

Back in June, I applied for a writing residency that the city of Detroit was offering, which came with a FREE, NEWLY RENOVATED HOUSE.  This is a program the city is attempting to reinvigorate its population by seeding communities with writers, who, they hope, will foster growth build around the arts.  There are several arts communities in the outlying suburbs surrounding Detroit, and they’re trying to improve those communities in this way.  It’s an interesting and creative approach, to be sure.  

This first giveaway garnered nearly 400 applicants.  I was one of them.  Being from Michigan and thinking that I wanted to return to my roots gave me extra incentive to apply for this once-in-a-lifetime program.  

Today, I received this:

Hi, Christian.

Thank you for emailing to follow up and thank you so much for applying for the first round of this groundbreaking “writer’s residency” in Detroit. We received about 350 applications in fiction, nonfiction, and poetry from all over the United States. We regret to inform you that you were not selected as one of our top finalists. 
I had very high hopes for at least getting into the top 10 potential recipients.  Obviously, that didn’t happen. 
This is one of the lows that writers must protect themselves against.  The fact that I fight depression on top of everything else makes such events sometimes even harder to endure.  So needless to say I am very disappointed.  My hopes were so high, I had already researched moving costs and a budget surrounding such a distant move.
On the plus side, I’ve gotten tons of support from friends surrounding this, and that has kept me from dropping too low in spirit.  Also, in aiming for optimism should I receive just such a rejection, I had prior plan B ready to move forward on, which I did today.  There’s nothing better (IMO) than being proactive when things threaten to bring you to your knees.  This will allow me to lay future goals for remaining in Colorado, and see how that develops.  
All in all, I’m in decent spirits.  I’m still considering whether to apply for future offerings from the city.  


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