Creative Density

So here I am.  I’ve grown tired of writing in chaotic places like coffee shops and cafes.  While those spaces have their benefits and their definitive drawbacks, I have taken the initiative to invest in a co-working place downtown.  There’s really no reason I can’t write at home in my office there (and if this idea doesn’t continue to work, I’ll revert back to that), but this space is pretty conducive to writing.  As I’m not a wealthy person by any means (in terms of monetary wealth, that is.  I’m completely blessed in many other meaningful ways), this is a modest way to invest in myself and my creative passion.

This fella is on the table next to me right now, keeping me company.

This fella is on the table next to me right now, keeping me company.

I did a lot of online shopping for co-working spaces, which are popping up all across the city currently, and visited several before I landed here at Creative Density.  It’s a nice Victorian-era house redesigned to accommodate various spaces used as creative and/or office space.  This particular location has the feel of a clubhouse, though I know many start-up and entrepreneurial companies utilize the space as well.  I got here quite early, which was only a little eerie, being in an unfamiliar space, the rooms empty,  the lights off.  But I made my way upstairs to one of the spaces off the kitchen that looks like it’s also used as a sometimes conference room.

The idea of creative co-working spaces is something I’m keenly interested in, and have drawn up a business plan for something similar, only focused solely on writers and the literary arts.  There are several other similar locations around the world, but to date I’ve only counted about ten worldwide — Boston, New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Toronto, and several overseas.

So today I’m testing the space out.  It’s my first foray into creative co-working spaces, and thus far (well, for the past three hours) I’ve had the place to myself, which isn’t all that odd, considering it’s Easter, 420 (which here in Denver is a HUGE thing now that marijuana has been legalized), and it’s Sunday, which is pretty much the only day I have during which I can focus on creative endeavors.  Oddly, it’s also Hitler’s birthday, and the anniversary of the Columbine shootings.  But I think most people are celebrating the former two rather than the latter.

Working from home has its advantages.  All my stuff is there, as are my dogs.  But those can also be distractions.  Today, I’ve already gotten caught up on several creative projects, and though I attempted to transfer my manuscript from home to laptop, it was unsuccessful, and so I will do my writing from home a bit later.

In the meantime, I’m here in this lovely space, windows open to a rather cool, quiet Sunday morning.  I packed breakfast and coffee to travel with me, and I’m being very productive.  So far, it’s an excellent day.

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