False Expectations Appearing Real



Fear is the great pretender. 

It pretends to have your best interests in mind.  But it does not.

Fear is an acronym for:

False Expectations Appearing Real


To go beyond fear is to come to understand what function fear has in our life, and the main job of fear is to keep us safe from harm. When we are in real danger, our fear comes in to protect us by freezing, fighting, or fleeing…as our body reacts to a real threat to our life. It is a normal emotion for us to feel.

But the fear that impedes us from living our life authentically is irrational fear, which occurs when we are not in real danger, but rather a danger that only exists in our mind.

The next time you feel afraid, ask yourself if you are in any real danger. If you’re not, you know that what you are afraid of is an illusion.

Letting go of that illusion is an act of self-love, and allows you live in peace.