Give Yourself Permission

What is holding you back, keeping you from achieving greatness in your own life?

If you are waiting for permission from anyone but yourself to achieve your goals, you are cheating yourself out of opportunities. We are conditioned from childhood to require permission to do even the most mundane things, and we carry that perceived requirement into adulthood. These false perceptions keep us from believing in ourselves, from understanding that we’re rational, intelligent beings that can make decisions that are good for us. When we wait for others to give us permission, we are giving them our power, stating that we’re not capable of doing it ourselves.

Giving our personal power away diminishes us and creates a new dynamic in our thinking that makes us weak and powerless. In order to achieve greatness, you must maintain ownership of your thoughts, actions, and power. In order to achieve personal greatness, you must first define what that means to you. Don’t be afraid to dream bigger than you believe yourself capable. We must constantly grow, change, learn and adapt. We must give ourselves permission to succeed in every aspect of our lives.

How do you want to achieve greatness in your own life? It’s up to you to decide what it will look like. You don’t need to wait until another time, another day. You can do it this moment. Decide to do it. Decide it’s what you want.

Give yourself permission.

(This post extracted from Untethered Lives coaching postcard series – 2009)


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