Time Keeps on Slippin’…

I look at the date from my last post and wonder, “Where has the time gone?”

It’s a question that seems to crop up more often of late.

Things in my immediate world have certainly changed.  I was laid off from my job back in April 2010, with a grueling 13 months of struggling to survive following.  In that time, I lost my home, filed for bankruptcy, and really saw my life spiral into something I didn’t recognize.  I strove not to judge those changes to be either bad or good, but neutral.  I worked very hard to find work, even accepting a part-time position with a local restaurant just so that I wouldn’t lose the car and the rental home I’d acquired.  Then, in May 2011, I landed a position with a prominent law firm in Denver.  I leapt at the opportunity, as it would be a suitable source of income and aligned with my interests.  (I’m very skilled in structural systems like law) However, my excitement quickly dissipated after only a month on the job.  It was a total nightmare…so much so that I was actively looking for something else the entire time.

On September 30th, that job ended in a spectacular way.  Not that I minded, though it would have been nice to have a little more control over it.  But…  It was what it was.  Fortunately, I still had the momentum of the previous months of job-seeking to fall back on, and I stumbled momentarily, but regained my feet.

It’s tough trying to find work, requiring eight to ten hours a day of concentrated effort.  That time and energy drained me of whatever access I had to my own creativity, so that for many weeks, I couldn’t bring myself to write.  I wasn’t “blocked,” not by any means.  But I wasn’t interested in revisiting the characters or the story I had been diligent in working on.

However, with the start of a new position, I found myself last weekend finally opening the file on the current novel project.

Perhaps it was the emotional distance I’d gained in my absence from working on it.  Or maybe it was a day on which I was predestined to connect to the live wire of my creative spirit.  The results were quite surprising (in very good ways), and left me feeling satisfied with that week’s writing session.

Today, I’m due to head back into that project again.  I’m feeling a bit procrastinate-y (I know, it’s not really a word but it fits) but hope to work around it.  The new job takes a lot of my energy, but with the holiday weekend, I’ve set aside two sessions devoted solely to the project.

And so…as Steve Miller sang, Time keeps on slippin’, slippin’, slippin’…into the future…

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