Happy 11th Birthday, Malai!

I first saw her amongst her littermates, trying to play but constantly tripping over her own too-large ears.  If Disney had created a real-life dog, it would’ve been Malai.  Originally, her name was spelled “Molly,” as in “Good Golly, Miss Molly!”  In the year after she came home with me, I realized that she was very wise and faced the world with a Zen-like approach.  A friend commented that she was like the Dalai Lama…and The Malai Lama was born.

At 11, Malai still chases down a tennis ball like a pro, and whenever a deep enough water source is present, she becomes her superhero alter ego: The Amazing Sea Otter.  She’s an incredibly intelligent and loving companion, but also has her moments of pure willfulness.  She knows what she wants and does whatever it takes to get it with a tenacity that is awesome to witness.  A true Sagittarius pup, she knows she’s the center of attention wherever she goes.  Her sleek, muscular body loves a good romp at the dog park or is content simply following at heel to see what her human counterpart will get up to.  Fiercely independent, Malai stands out as the wise mentor to her pack siblings.

It’s been an amazing and outstanding 11 years with Malai in our family.  Happy Birthday, Malai!

Malai – 6 months