Three solid days of writing.

That’s a lot for me.  Usually, life and/or work intervenes, eroding my scheduled writing time each week.  If I can get a good six hours in on Sunday, I consider myself very fortunate.

This week, I intentionally cleared my calendar and made a strict schedule so that personal errands (groceries, miscellaneous) didn’t override my writing schedule.  Then I planned a day off work so that the weekend would include 3 days.

It was truly a blessing.

And very productive.

Fueled by the injection of renewed passion for writing that has overcome me in recent weeks (with special thanks to Christopher for rekindling that fire, whether he knew he was doing it or not), I was able to create nearly 50 pages of new writing, which doesn’t include the rewrites completed from Christopher’s notes, comments, and suggestions.

So Throwing Rocks at God moves ever forward.  Every time I sit down to channel this amazing story, something completely unexpected happens, providing huge doses of adrenaline (you writers know what I’m talking about).  Been dreaming this novel lately, too, which is a first.  Great, sweeping, epic dreams that bring me into each new day with a head filled with ideas, a heart full of happiness, and a soul that feels rejuvenated.

For the first time since first drafting this novel, I am a believer.  In myself, in the characters, in the story…but especially, my ability to tell it.

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