Why I Might Read This Book

Back when James Frey’s alleged memoir A Million Little Pieces was released, I wrote a scathing review of it on Amazon.  I was first attracted by the brilliantly wrought cover, but quickly found myself throwing the book in the garbage after only one chapter.  Much later, Oprah touted the book as one of her new “hot picks” for her book group, only later having to retract her support when it was learned that it was likely that author Frey fabricated whole sections of the story.

I knew that the moment I read it.  Having lived through a twenty year bout with drug and alcohol addiction, I recognized that the story did not ring true.  I found Frey’s presumptions to be an affront to not only the literary world in having misrepresented himself, but a taint on the memories of my own struggles with addiction.  In my condemnation of that work, I vowed I would never read a book of his and often wondered why he didn’t write under a pseudonym instead of trying to forge a career from the rubble he’d created.

Frey has published a new book titled The Final Testament of the Holy Bible.  As an atheist and a writer, I am dubious about this book.  However, the review provided by Slate magazine makes me curious.  It’s an intriguing premise and does not tout itself as “based on a true story,” a category Frey should stay far away from for the remainder of his career.  Raised as Catholic in a family that had no more respect for religion than they did for each other, I am still intrigued by the ideologies various religions present.  So, I have tentatively placed it on my “to read” list.  We’ll see if time bears out my curiousity enough to actually follow through.

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