Creative Non-Fiction

Been exploring the wonderful world of essays lately, an interest and passion I’ve held for a long time.  When I realized that blogging is essentially essay-writing for the world wide web, I thought, Why not do it for real?

Not that blogging isn’t real, but there are times when I feel like I’m blogging into the void, with no real motivation to artificially drive traffic to my various sites.  Perhaps that’s because many of the topics I explore on my personal blogs are just that: personal.  I don’t seek out topics that reach a broader cross section of humanity.  My posts are largely experiential, while sometimes encompassing more general themes.

Other posts, however, would lend themselves to a wider reading audience, and I thought maybe I could dip my toes (or my whole damn leg, for that matter!) into the pool of essay and non-fiction publications available on the market.

Today, I began researching what it would take for me to begin submitting pieces to various publications, happy to see that there are MANY.  It feels like a nice counterbalance to all the fiction my creative mind comes up with.  Kind of a retooling of the left brain/right brain dichotomy.  In this way, both Phoebe and Monica get a chance to come out and play.  🙂

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