Touch Your ‘Soul’

Writing can take on many different shapes and sizes. Some write for research. Some write for pleasure. Others write for money. But, at the core of writing is the expression of one’s inner being. It is an outlet for the soul. A way for it to give so that it can dig its way out of the layers of contradiction and goo that have piled on over the years.

The soul is that energy that keeps is alive and connected to the Universe. It is the most basic part of our existence, but contains the knowledge and emotion of the Universe. When you touch your soul, your fingers take on a life of their own and you “feel” the things that you must write. Whether you feel it as inspiration or some divine message, it doesn’t matter. It all boils down to the fact that you are connected to your inner self and have punctured a hole through which the inspiration can flow.

Once you touch your soul, your life will change. It’s like a chain-reaction that changes your outlook and your direction. You feel what you are truly made of and find that you are capable of everything. All of the challenges you’ve encountered throughout your life suddenly transform into lessons.

The easiest way to begin the journey of self-discovery is to…write.


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