Heavy Lifting

Wow…what an intense couple of months it’s been!  It’s exhilarating and tough, all this inner heavy lifting I’m currently involved in.  I feel as if I’ve spun a cocoon around myself and am concentrating on recreating myself from the inside out.  Sometimes that process makes me feel schizoid, overwhelmed and wanting to hide.  Other times I experience breakthroughs that make me want to scream to the world in joy.  I’m sure many of you are thankful that I have not yet succumbed to the latter.

One aspect of the coaching I’m involved in is that it’s helping solidify my perception of my own process, and my writing.  While this is something that many writers go through early in their careers – as I did – it helps to re-evaluate on occasion so as to have a strong sense of self, thereby avoiding delusional self-thinking.  At least that’s the intent.

Continuing work on Plummet, which I’ve decided is in its second-to-last draft form before agent shopping with it.  I like to rewrite a particularly troublesome manuscript longhand before making a final transcription in order to bring in deeper and richer detail.  I hope to have this handwritten draft completed by the beginning of next year, at which time it will take a month to transcribe it.  Then?  It’s off to the post office!

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