Fault Line – Barry Eisler

I’m behind the curve, I know.  Fault Line, one of Barry Eisler’s brilliant hit-man thrillers, was published back in 2009, and I’m remiss in only getting to it now.  In my own defense, I have nearly 200 books on my “to read” list on GoodReads, and twice that number sitting on shelves in my home.

Eisler’s first novels involved an anti-hero by the name of John Rain, a half-Asian, half-American hitman faced with conscience-changing situations.  I wanted to wait until there were enough volumes written before delving into those, and have read the first in the series thus far.

Loved it.

Fault Line is a standalone that deals with two brothers, one, Alex, an embittered lawyer who feels he’s been left behind to take care of what’s left of their family after their youngest sister is killed in an accident.  The other brother, Ben, is a military mercenary who finds himself drawn back to his past in order to protect his younger brother against being murdered when one of Alex’s clients and everyone connected with him are found dead.  The two brothers are at odds over the paths their respective lives have taken, so putting one in charge of the other is, in my opinion, a brilliant plot device.  The conflict is inherent, and riveting in terms of keeping the reader connected to the story.

It has become rarer to find true “page turners,” but I’m finding Fault Line to be a welcome addition to the genre.

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