Danger Will Robinson!

Yeah, I’m guilty as charged.

It was a moment of weakness.  Or maybe it wasn’t. I’m kinda enjoying it, if I’m being honest.

For my birthday back in June, I bought myself some mixing software for my home computer.  Some of you already know that I was a DJ for nearly 20 years, but rid myself of my turntables and my entire collection of vinyl (I kept the CDs), donating them to a needier person than I.  I didn’t expect that I’d be striving to make a living off of doing remixes again…and if I ever got back into it, it would be for pure pleasure.

Well, that’s exactly what’s happened.

I bought the software in June.  Around July 1st, I finally felt I had learned all the intricacies of the software and began doing some experimental remixes of my own music collection.  While I thoroughly enjoy writing as a creative release, mixing has, and probably always will be, a secondary passion to writing.


I’ve created fifteen mixed CDs in the past two weeks.  And my writing?

Not so much.

However, I feel if I can limit myself to one mix every couple of days, I won’t be sacrificing my writing time to phutz around with doing remixes.

Oh, but I’m enjoying it.  I can plainly see, though, how a person’s time can sneak away from them when they’re doing something other than working on their novel.

3 thoughts on “Danger Will Robinson!

  1. I for one am excited about your diversion!! I would love to hear your stuff. Will you be doing a Best of 1990-1993 one? Maybe????

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