Rock Star In Disguise

Today I put the finishing touches on a two-part interview with New York Times bestselling author John Hart.

Sometimes, doing these interviews impacts me deeply for reasons it takes me time to comprehend.  This was one of those interviews.  I credit my conversation with Hart for my decision to leave my job and focus on writing.  I likewise credit our chat with my decision to leave the critique group I’d worked 12 years to build.

As some would say: when one door closes, another opens.

I’m a fan of that adage, in that it presupposes that there are infinite opportunities available to us if we only open ourselves to being aware and ready.  Throughout my nearly 50 years on this earth, it has proven true time and again.  And so what became a withdrawal from this particular critique group has quickly evolved into something much bigger.  Which goes hand-in-hand with another project I’ve been fermenting in my cerebral fermenting tank.

But back to John Hart.  What an amazing interview it was!  We spoke by phone while he was en route to a family gathering in North Carolina where he lives with his wife and daughters.  It was an eye-opening two hour chat in that he validated, or perhaps echoed, several things (as mentioned above) that had been also bubbling in my brain.

The end result is a 2,500 word masterpiece that I have just landed with a major print publication, to be announced.  It really rocked my world going over my notes again and remembering how down-to-earth he was and how every answer was intelligent and emotive.

So, in that spirit, thank you, John, for an outstanding interview.  I look forward to your next twenty books!

Publicity photo courtesy of Abigail Seymour Photography

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