Memoir-able: Telling Your Story Through Writing

Tomorrow I’m presenting my spin on memoir writing for the summer reading program at my local library. This is originally a 3-4 hour workshop, honed down to 2 hours for the sake of the programming department at the library.  That, and I’m donating my time, energy, and expertise to provide the program and don’t know that giving the whole workshop for free would be a prudent business decision.

I readily admit that I thrive in teaching/mentor situations.  Guiding others in creative endeavors fulfills me.  In setting myself free of the constrictive atmosphere of rigid corporate structure, I envisioned maintaining a livelihood through workshops and conferences.  In the current economic status of the region in which I live, I’m busily laying the foundation for the eventual success of that goal.  I realized pretty quickly that it would require me to take on a very large number of individual clients before I could survive financially.  Workshops and conferences, on the other hand, are pretty much a built-in income.  So I’m considering tomorrow to be the kickoff of that endeavor…and away we go!

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