The Time and Place

I’m not one of those writers who can write anytime, anywhere.  I know some like that.  They can pack up their laptops and head out the door for destinations unknown, content in sitting in a coffee shop or seaside or on a mountaintop.  I’ve never been one of them.

I’ve tried the coffee shop bit.  Too much commotion and other distractions to be able to truly concentrate.  Besides, I live in a small town and tend to know most of the people who frequent said establishments and end up more frustrated than anything after the umpteenth person “drops by” for a chat.  Thank you, but no.

Recently, I revamped my home creative space to accommodate increased productivity.  And it’s worked so far…but not so much with my writing.  Enough so that I’ve recently gone online to see what affordable office space is available in the area so I can sequester myself in a quiet environment with no distractions (other than what my mind provides) to work.  I have found that many local libraries offer private study rooms that work quite well.  But on holiday weekends or Sundays when their hours are severely limited, I’m forced to write at home.  Where the dogs seem to have decided that since I’m home, I might as well be there to play with them at their whim.

So for the next few days, I’m left to do as I can within the limits of available spaces.

However, I’m very tempted to find out more about these local studios that rent by the month…

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