It Begins…

One of the vows I made to myself upon completion of my work with the government (which ended last Friday), was to put more time, effort, and energy into submitting my writing to magazines and such.  This past Sunday as I was prepping for my bi-weekly writers’ group, I came across a short piece I’d written several months ago and completely forgotten about.

I like coming across these forgotten stories, mostly because I can be surprised all over again that I’d written it…but also because I can see pretty specifically how my writing has improved over the years.  It used to be that I’d come across an old story and look at it in confusion.  What the hell is this supposed to be? would be one of the many disparaging thoughts I’d have, unable to decipher what in the world the idea behind a story was, or why I even bothered.

Not so with this most recent find.  Titled “Law of Attraction,” it is a creepy little ditty with the theme of ‘be careful what you wish for.’

Short stories are sometimes tough to write, especially for a writer who prefers the longer formats, like novels.  But there are some stories that just won’t grow into a novel no matter how hard one tries to force them to.

I’ve never been shy about entering contests, but for some reason, submitting to actual publications has always been a daunting prospect.  However, I’m finding that many people are commenting that my writing craft is solid, as are my storytelling capabilities.  So what’s the problem?  Well, it’s most likely that age-old writerly insecurity still lurking in the back of my consciousness like some demented troll.

That changed today.  I submitted my story to Shroud Magazine, a wonderfully horrific publication that boasts some of the better horror and fantasy writing on the market.  It’s billed as a “dark literary magazine,” which is pretty much what I write.  Received the confirmation email from them less than an hour after submitting, and now will await further information from them.

It’s a start, and a first step in building publishing momentum.

3 thoughts on “It Begins…

  1. Congratulations on leaving your day job. And all the best with Shroud Mag. I’ve put my book on the back burner to focus on short stories these days. And since most of the stories are from my book, it helps me to both revise and seek publication in one effort.

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