The Time Draweth Near

The decision: made

The plan: in place

The momentum: moving forward and gathering speed

Have submitted my letter of resignation for February 15th, two weeks past the originally intended date of January 29th at my day job.  The situation has grown even more dire financially for the budget-embattled state of Colorado government, from whom I’ve drawn a paycheck for the past five years.  As I’m already vested in my retirement program, I will not be severely penalized for withdrawing the funds earlier than 2021, which is when I would become “legally eligible” to retire.  In this way, I will be able to withdraw a sizable amount, part of which I will reinvest in other, safer programs, and the rest on which I will live for the next 12-18 months comfortably.

I have also decided that I will work part-time (at an undisclosed position which has already been secured) to stretch my retirement earnings further.

The goal is to complete the novel I’m currently writing, devoting 30-40 hours a week to its completion, at which time I will begin marketing it to agents and publishers.

During the time when I’ll be giving more time to pursuing success in writing, I will accept public speaking engagements, the PR for which has been underway for several months, and which has brought several events at local universities and high schools already.

It wasn’t necessarily a “resolution,” as I tend to avoid committing to such endeavors that are dictated by someone else’s idea of what I should do.  When the state government here in Colorado began showing signs of instability last year, I began thinking hard on what my next step would be.  The decision not to pursue yet another position working for others was one a long time coming.  Yet it feels completely and totally right for me.

Working for the state was my first (and last) attempt at working a nine-to-five job.  I never felt I was well suited to such careers, and this five year stint has shown me that I was right.  Politics does not suit me. Never has.  Neither does a schedule so regimented, there’s no room for creativity or flexibility.

No thanks.  Learned my lesson quite well.

And so…now I move forward into my own future…and though I cannot predict what will happen with any accuracy, I feel much better knowing that I’m the one navigating and not someone else – who knows nothing about me and does not have my best interests in mind.

I’m ready.

3 thoughts on “The Time Draweth Near

  1. I feel the excitement. A new chapter in your life, new adventures. I love that you’re doing what makes you happy. You live in a beautiful state, have a canine family, and now, your dream job. I wish you the best.

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