A Decade Dawns

Have had a lot of time to be internal these past couple weeks – a state I much prefer over interacting with others – and there are a confluence of celestial and calendar events that have been hard to ignore as the clocks tick ever closer to the inevitable new decade.

It doesn’t seem that ten years have passed.  Perhaps because I’m more present in the world, with some personal issues finally finding closure…allowing me more time to pay attention to both the inner and outer worlds, both of which truly inspire me to become a better person and to be the best I can at my chosen craft.

In my inner travels – journeying through the maze of my imagination – I seek clarity in this dawning new decade.  With that in mind, here are  fourteen questions that I will attempt to answer with as much honesty and truthfulness as possible as I navigate the uncertain geography of the next year, and the next ten years:

  • What DO you want?
  • What’s going right for you right now?
  • Where are you feeling stuck right now?
  • What are you trying to ignore?
  • What’s boring you? What’s NOT working?
  • Who are the people you want more of?  Want less of?
  • What gets your body to come alive?  Exercise?
    Dancing?  Massage?  Something else?
  • What/who makes you laugh?
  • What helps you escape?
  • How do you want to be remembered?
  • What’s possible?
  • Who do you love?
  • What’s next?

Also, here is an outstanding website delineating “The Eight Irresistable Principles of Fun.”

How will you achieve your own personal clarity in the coming months?  What are you doing to make yours an amazing life?