I didn’t know this scene was coming.  After Sunday’s writing session, I had an idea that something dark and sinister was coming in the story, but not this.

Decided to “office” from my satellite location today as the snow continues to fall here and the temperatures hover around -12 with the wind chill.  There’s no one in my office for the remainder of the week, and anything I could’ve done there, I can do remotely.

So after finishing up what little work I had to do for the government this morning, I commenced to write some more on Plummet.

When I’m in the midst of a really good writing session, I like to leave a chapter only partially completed so that when I return – sometimes a week later – I know exactly where that scene is headed.

So, one of the main characters was killed off in a twist that even took me by surprise during my last session.  I didn’t know, either, that when I sat down to write again that another main character’s parents would be found dead in a scene to rival most horrormeister’s work.  This is shaping up to be a very surprising story.  I feel the tension building as the novel races to its conclusion.


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