Size. Does. Matter.

Size does matter.  At least to me, and at least when it comes to being able to carve out chunks of writing time. 

This past weekend, what with the unusually cold and snowy weather we’re experiencing here in the Rocky Mountains, it allowed me the wonderful opportunity to sit and write.  For hours.

Some days it takes longer than others to get the words flowing.  But usually sitting in my favorite writing haunt in a nearby cafe, with the fireplace a-cracklin’ and my synapses a-firin’, I’m able to really dig in to the writing. 

I love it.

Logged 4,000 new words on Plummet over the two-day break.  I can now see the end of the novel on the horizon.  That completed chapters 21 and 22.  Made some surprising discoveries (one of the main characters gets “offed” in a most grisly way) and learned some more about myself along the way.

Most excellent.

3 thoughts on “Size. Does. Matter.

  1. It’s gotta be much tougher having a family to also try and schedule along with writing. My dogs’ schedules can be maneuvered to fit my writing time, which is quite helpful. I don’t know how those with families can ever find time to work. Good luck, my friend!

    (P.S.- I’m an expert at helping people break through writer’s block (or ‘writer’s resistance, as I like to call it) so please let me know if there’s anything I can do to help!)

  2. I like your term “writer’s resistance.” I wonder how much of my excuses are really resistance. Seems once I get past the first and second draft, the honeymoon’s over. I’m anxious to begin one of the three stories I’ve been fantasizing about, but I refuse to indulge until I begin querying the first one.

    Congrats on your sizable word count.

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