The Breaks

Sometimes it’s beneficial to take short breaks from writing.  But they aren’t truly breaks, are they?  I mean, is there a moment of the day when I’m not considering a plot aspect or a character trait, or some wholly new twist to a plot that, up until now, hadn’t been working?


I’m always writing, if not exactly putting nose to grindstone or pen to paper or fingers to keyboard.

The trick is not to get too caught up in the intricacies of one story so that my mind doesn’t recognize a message from my Muse on a different writing project.  It’s quite often that I’ll discover an epiphany about a novel I worked on two months ago while in the midst of working on the current project.  I used to drop what I was doing and leapfrog over to that other project so I didn’t lose the idea.  That became quite cumbersome and distracting.  So I invested in a 4×6′ whiteboard that I make notes on whenever I need to.  Currently, tho, the board has a series of photographs on it of the characters in my current novel as a quick and handy reference when I’m writing.  So any notes I need to make are done in a spiral notebook that I keep with me at all times in case Mr. Muse shows up unexpectedly.

He tends to do that.

And yes, my Muse is male.  (don’t ask me.  he just showed up on my doorstep one day and I decided to keep him)(see imbedded photo.  click to embiggen)

As a writer, a lot of the mental heavy lifting comes when I’m not sitting at said keyboard.  Usually while I’m riding on the bus or doing some other mundane task that allows the functional part of my brain to operate while the creative part goes on a field trip of its very own.   And usually, that creative part brings me little gifts in the form of great ideas.

I love it when that happens.

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2 thoughts on “The Breaks

    • Can you be more specific? What does “unmotivated” manifest as for you? Sometimes when I find I’m having difficulty staying motivated on a specific work, I usually find out, through much searching and thinking on it, that the project has veered off in a direction that wasn’t “organic” and I have lost the desire to continue with it. It’s kind of like your body “knowing” when you’re doing something that’s not good for you. It sends you warning signs that if you continue in that direction, it’ll be harmful to you. Same thing with a story; when we’re no longer able to recognize when it’s veered off, we’ll still know intuitively. But without specifics, I’m not sure that my answer is helpful.

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