Ahhh.  Looked forward to the long weekend all month.  With all that’s been attempting to distract me from what’s important, I crave some time to spend with my work-in-progress (WIP).

And now I have it.

Have been seriously considering ways in which to further honor my writer soul, even to the point of checking into cashing out my retirement fund, which would allow me to live without steady income for at least a year with current expenses being what they are.  That’s more tempting to my nomadic soul than I might ever admit aloud.

I don’t like to put stipulations on my daily word count (because as writers, we all know that sometimes the Muse is present, some days he’s not), only hope to produce as many words as I can over the next five, uninterrupted days.

So, aside from a bit of baking (pumpkin pie!) and time out for my oft-daily dog fix, it’s time to create.  I am thankful for the world I live in, the friends who support the writer in me, and all animals for nurturing this lost soul no matter what.

2 thoughts on “Word…

  1. Cashing out your retirement is the worst thing you could do. For one, that money won’t be there when you retire. Two, you’re going to get hit with major tax implications.
    My muse comes and goes too when it comes to the novel I’m working on. But I can sit down and pump out a 2000 word short story in just two hours. Funny how that works.

  2. John – I hear your concern on my thoughts of cashing in my retirement fund. I have researched all the penalties, and the dollar figure I come up with still allows at least 12 months of survival; longer if I take on a part-time job to supplement. However, that’s only one option at this time, and would be used as a very last resort.

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