“Plummet” Journal I

Had to take myself out of the house to write today.  Sometimes, there are just too many chores and tasks clamoring for immediate attention.  I did manage to get a boxful of unwanted books culled from my shelves and donated to the local library.  That’s a step in the right direction.  But I knew that if I didn’t go to a better place to write, I wouldn’t get anything accomplished on Plummet. And so I took myself off to a local bistro with free (limited) wireless internet, and here I am!

Plummet is a story about Donovan Dowling, a young man tormented by horrible nightmares and waking hallucinations after his best friend commits suicide by jumping from the bridge. After more than a year of this torment, Donovan decides to end it all.  What he doesn’t know is that his decision will set into motion a series of cataclysmic events that will change not only his world, but a place called Sef – a land being decimated by an invisible enemy.

It’s a very complicated urban fantasy that came to me while watching a disturbing  documentary called The Bridge.

I’ve always been fascinated by death and the reasons the humans choose to end their lives prematurely.  In fact, as a much younger man suffering from depression, the thoughts of suicide were never far from my own mind.  I didn’t act on them (obviously…unless you count alcohol and drug addiction a form of slow suicide), but even back then my writing swirled dangerously close to the edge of that final darkness.

In Plummet, I get to explore those ideas and many more, bringing in fantastical elements that present a decidedly different take on suicide jumpers.

I don’t want to glorify the actions of those who jump any more than I want to glorify death.  But as a writer, I’m always asking the “What if…?” questions, a characteristic that tends to drive my friends and co-workers a bit bonkers.  🙂  Of course, if my questions serve to shove them over the edge into insanity, it will be a good resource for new characters for my next novel.

Listening To: “Upstairs At Christian’s” on Pandora

State of Mind: Creative

Weather: Partly Cloudy & Cold

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