Writing can be tedious at times, but then there are days like today when the words flow like a dam broke somewhere upstream. Getting out of the house sometimes averts the blockages that arise when other things demand my attention: dogs, chores, the internet…  All of these things can sometimes distract me enough so that my creative energy gets all discombobulated (I love that word!).

But I plowed through the afternoon like a man on fire.  It’s awe inspiring when a chapter rushes out of me and onto the page like it did today.  I learned some good transitional plot points today, and figured out the antagonists motivation and how he will implement his nefarious plan.

Music is definitely a driving force for me when writing.  When I’m blogging, like this, I listen to something with lyrics and melodies that demand attention.  But when writing, I choose something more ambient (for darker scenes) and something along the lines of trance or techno for scenes that require a bit more bite and energy.

Today, it was my !pUdexiMllA playlist from my iPod.  This is a collection of DJ mixed trance and techno from my nightclub days.  And it worked wonders on the chapter I wrote today.

2,000 new words on the novel.

It’s a good day.

2 thoughts on “Mileage

  1. I’m at just over 8,000 words on mine right now. I haven’t updated my progress bar lately. My writing comes in spurts; I can’t just make myself sit down and write.
    How did you find me, by the way?

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